So, here I am.  I’ve been marvelling at all the bloggers I read everyday and the amazing things they are doing with their lives and sharing with others, and I finally decided: why not me, too?

So what’s my story? Planning my wedding last year awakened a long-dormant creative streak that I now am committed to keeping alive.  Not only that, but fostering its growth.  As a kid  I was super crafty and loved creating new projects and sharing them with everyone I knew.   I need to get back in touch with that.

Planning my wedding–which was more beautiful than I even anticipated!  More about it in posts to come–also brought me to the slow realization that maybe I am meant to do this.  Years of soul searching, personality-typing, grad school starts and stops, toiling away at a desk in a pressure-filled career… Why didn’t I realize sooner that someone who loves to plan, organize, problem-solve, start new projects, brainstorm, research, meet people, be creative and read and watch everything wedding-related should try being a wedding planner?  Let’s see how it goes.

In the meantime, my husband, Chris, and I are settling in to a new home and figuring out what our future will look like.  We’re both creative people and arer realizing that expressing that creativity through how we live our daily lives is the key to our happiness.  This blog will follow our failures, successes and everything in between as we try to handcraft our perfect life.