Does anyone like filing?  (If so, would you like to come over?  I’d be happy to cook you dinner!)  I have a strong dislike for filing, and at work tend to keep only electronic files because of it.  But at home I keep all our paper bills for easy reference and tax purposes.  I have a very organized filing cabinet, but would avoid this task to such an extent that the pile of bills would form arms and legs and attack us before I got to filing them away.  Ironically, I also hate clutter, so this issue really bothered me.

So I thought perhaps if the files were more visible, more accessible, I’d be more inclined to get to it.  So I decided to try some kind of vertical, wall-hanging system.  Great opportunity to add an interesting design element too, no?  I first thought of these from the Container Store, but they’re not all that pretty.  Plus, for how many I need, it would get pricey.

Finally, I came up with this beauty:I bought a retro-travel calendar at an art store, cut out the images, cut manila folders in half and taped them together at the bottom.  Then I punched holes in the top and hung them on these kitchen organizer rails from Ikea.  The rails are $2 and the hooks are $.99 for a bag of 10.  The whole thing cost less than $20.  And it looks great (I think, at least)!

The big question is, did I actually get to the filing after doing this?  The answer is no!  But then I had another revelation.  I had been using one folder for each vendor: one for the electric bill, one for the phone bill, etc.  Then I realized–I could just do it by month!  Now I let the bills pile up for a month and at the end of the month I stick the whole pile in a folder.   Having used a calendar of course means there are twelve folders already!  Talk about serendipity.