It’s Monday, and–surprise, surprise–I am feeling very unmotivated to do anything but sit outside with a good book and some yummy snacks.  I feel this way every Monday.  It’s no fun.  What IS fun, though, is this very cute and crafty little Roman shade I made recently!

The color scheme of our bedroom is shades of turquoise, gray and cream.  Very relaxing and soothing.  We love it.

You can also see that I like geometric patterns.  Because we have these two random windows with furniture in front of them, I can’t do the type of curtains I usually like to do: two  floor-length panels flanking each window.  And because we’re on the first floor and outside our bedroom is the driveway and back door, we need to keep our shades drawn all the time.

I’d had pretty turquoise shantung drapes, but they cast a weird green light in the room.  So I planned to buy white cotton Roman shades from Ikea and add the grosgrain ribbons–easy peasy, right?  But when I went to Ikea…the shades were discontinued!  What to do?  Well, I stood there in despair for about 20 minutes, and then just decided I could do it myself.  Here’s what the curtains looked like before:

So, I bought plain, sheer white panels and went to the fabric store to buy plastic rings, cord, ribbon, fabric glue and then to the hardware store for small strips of wood and tiny eye hooks.

I hemmed the curtain to a length that reached the bottom of the window, using the iron-on tape they came with.  Then I measured out the middle (width-wise) and about 10 inches from each edge.  I stitched the tiny plastic rings to the back in even intervals along each vertical measurement.  Then I glued strips of the ribbons along the same vertical measurements on the front.

I stapled the thin strip of wood to the back of the  rod loops at the top of the curtain and inserted the tiny eye hooks at the top of the vertical measurements, with one extra at the end for them all to meet in.  Then I ran long pieces of curtain cord through each set of rings, with the end tied to the one at the bottom.  We ran it through the curtain rod and, magically, it worked!  Anyone can do this–it needed very little special equipment and virtually no special skill!  When we move or change our color scheme, I’ll do it again with different ribbons–a great clever and easy DIY solution, especially when Roman shades can cost a fortune and this cost me about $20…