My husband, that talented man who proposed to me with a handmade coffee table, built this gorgeous dining table.  I realize I am completely bias, but is it not gorgeous?!

We had a rinky dink table before that was supposed to seat four but around which we squeezed six chairs.  It’s not very often that it’s more than the two of us, but when it is there’s often my four girlfriends and their significant others, or Chris’ immediate family and their significant others (which can total 10 adults and three kids!).  So we wanted a bigger table.  I loved this square table from Pottery Barn, so that was my design inspiration:

Pottery Barn table

Pottery Barn table

But there was no way we were spending $4,000 on a table and 10 chairs.  And Chris loves carpentry projects in general and furniture building in particular.   So off to Home Depot we went where we picked out pine planks for the top.  We ordered the legs and leaf extenders from this fantastic website.  (Chris would’ve loved to turn the legs himself, but that’s a little too labor intensive, even for us.)  Chris spent a few weeknights and weekends putting it all together in our basement, then stained and oiled it.

Even though I designed it and saw it in process, when we brought it upstairs I still could not believe how amazing-looking it turned out.  I think it competes pretty darn well with the Pottery Barn version and it cost us only about $500 (not including labor, of course)!  Chris’ parents were gracious enough to buy us the chairs as a belated wedding present, thankfully!  Those are in the process of being stained and oiled to match.

As it is this table seats eight–two on each side.  With the two leaves it will seat up to twelve!  Perfect for all our friends, and our family as it grows.   Just try and tell me you’re not impressed!