DSC00543I decided a while ago to try to tone down my shopping habit a bit, what with this recession and all, and decided to try to accessorize more to make the clothes I already have feel more interesting and new.  I tend not to accessorize too much; the jewelry I do wear–silver studs, diamond tennis bracelet, wedding rings–I just wear every day.  I’m not sure why this is.  Everything you ever read about style extols the virtues of accessorizing, but it just seemed a bit overcomplicated to me.

Don’t get me wrong though: I certainly have plenty of accessories I could be wearing!  I realized one of the reasons I wasn’t, though, was because they weren’t stored in a way that made them easily visible.  I decided I’d wear them more if they were more on display, so I could grab a necklace in a snap and be done!  I don’t have a lot of horizontal space–meaning, the dresser at which I get ready is already pretty full…of makeup and hair products, etc.  I do have vertical space though, so looked for something I could hang on my wall.


These hooks are from Anthropologie, and are surely meant for coats or keys or towels or some other normal use.  But I thought they were cute and woul’d be perfect for necklaces and, with a little craftiness, dangly earrings.


The necklaces easily hang on the hooks above, but for the earrings, I went to a craft store’s jewelry making sections and bought this plain length of chain with large links.  With pliers, I opened two links enough distance apart to accommodate all my earrings, and hooked them onto the two individual hooks.  I closed the links back up, nailed the hooks into the wall, and hung my earring through the links!  Here are some of my other favorites that would also work well:

It did work, too: I started wearing jewelry more and got lots of compliments on how cute and stylish my outfits were, with the same old clothes!  (Although, let’s be honest, it’s not like I stopped shopping completely…come on, now.)