A frittata is essentially the Italian version of an omelet and yet, of course like most things the Italians do, it’s somehow way better than any regular American omelet I’ve had.  It’s one of those dished you can clean out the fridge with–just throw whatever you have in the pan and it always comes out delicious.  Since we first discovered these through the Everyday Italian cookbook, we make them regularly and especially when we have a bunch of little bits of random things and are hungry and lazy.

Last night, we had to use up some zucchini.  As you know we have a monstrous zucchini plant in our garden that finally had some veggies we could pick.

We harvested five zucchinis, a cucmber, some beans and peas, and a couple teeny tiny carrots, just because we didn’t believe real carrots were actually growing under the ground (they are!).  And we will now be eating zucchini every night this week.

We’d had a zucchini pizza the night before, but that didn’t use up the whole large one, which I’d sliced.  So I threw the remainder into a big skillet with some onions, four two-week-old baby new potatoes, some prosciutto I’d bought for pasta later this week, and the rest of an old jar of sun-dried tomatoes.

You let that get all sizzly, then pour over some scrambled eggs mixed with a little cream (or half and half or milk) and whatever cheese you want–I had some feta that needed a home.  It’s best to use six eggs for this size pan, although if you had seven and didn’t want to leave one lonely you could use seven, and if you only had five you could just add a bit more cream.  It’s all good in the hood.  And, actually, with this much other stuff in the pan, it was even slightly less egg-y with six eggs than I prefer.



That’s the thing about it though, it’s not heavy in the sense that eggs often are.  You let it all cook in the skillet, covered, a few minutes, then remove the cover and stick it under the broiler a few minutes more to cook through.  It gets all browned and crispy on the outside, but it is so light and fluffy and just freaking delicious when you slide it out of the pan and slice it!  It’s satisfying and pretty irresistible.  Yes, we ate all but one small slice of this for dinner last night.  And that last slice was just for show–it didn’t last long.