I went into my boss’ office the other day to drop off a file and as I was walking out she asked, in a very congenial manner, if she could ask me a personal question. I said sure! Then the look on her face made me wonder if maybe I should have said no…

Then she said, “how do you maintain your eyebrows?”

Clearly she’d been thinking about this for a while and had been meaning to ask me. Talk about random. I informed her I’ve been neurotically plucking them myself for 15 years and we proceeded to have an in-depth, 10 minute conversation about eyebrow shaping. Somewhat intimate conversation to be having with one’s boss but that’s ok, I’m an open person.

Except now the pressure is getting to me…every morning I’m paranoid I’m going to miss a stray hair, now that I know people are studying my eyebrows!