What do you know…Chris and I are apart again!  Being the only employee of his company with no kids, he was the lucky winner of an assignment in Fairfield, CT.  Too far away to drive back and forth everyday.  So he’s at the Holiday Inn.  No joke.  Now it’s my turn to be home all alone for a while, or at least weeknights for a few weeks.

Last night I tried sleeping without my earplugs.  To explain: when I moved in with Chris (three years ago?!?) we spent about two or three months where I would desperately try to fall asleep before he did and started snoring/breathing loudly in my ear, only to be woken up in the middle of the night and have to elbow or otherwise nudge him in order to roll over and temporarily cease the deafening (deafening I tell you!) racket, at which point he would not be able to fall back to sleep, probably in no small part due to guilt and self-consciousness (aren’t I so considerate?) and would go finish the night on the couch.  Terrible.  Since he refused to go to the doctor and no other solutions were effective, I started wearing earplugs.  They work wonderfully.  I recommend it to anyone.  I will happily tell you which brand is the best and will not hurt your ears.  Except sometimes I get nostalgic for being able to listen to crickets and the breeze and the birds and the rain falling softly…until I try to sleep without them and realize those sounds are annoying and disruptive to my sleep and I have to put the earplugs in at 2:30 am.  I am now a spoiled, high-maintenance sleeper.

I am also taking a break from cooking dinner.  I don’t really feel it’s worth it when it’s just me, not because I mind the effort but because a lot of the satisfaction I get out of cooking is seeing other people enjoy it/feeling the gratification and affirmation of other people liking something I made.  I just realized I may have bigger self-esteem issues that I ever realized.  Disturbing.  Anyway.  I actually like eating grilled cheese and cold cereal and scrambled eggs for dinner–it brings me back to my childhood when my mother never lifted a pan and left Ira and me to fend for ourselves like abandoned wolves left all alone in a cold and barren forest…but I digress.  Chris scoffs at eating those things for dinner–how could you even suggest it?–so I welcome the opportunity to be on my own and eat my non-dinner food as I please.  But I like reading recipes and grocery shopping and cooking too…so what do I do?  Email all my girlfriends to tell them they have an open invitation to come over for dinner anytime!  And bring their families!  Because I need someone to cook for but I have nothing special to make and no special reason to make it!

And that is how much of a dork I am: I won’t make dinner if it’s just me, but you better believe I’ll make the bed every morning.  Priorities.