First, let me remind you where our vegetable garden started in May:

DSC00505And here’s how it looks now:


Crazy. Our disbelief that the teeny seeds we dumped in the dirt would actually produce anything is now very transparent in how robustly everything is growing.  We picked bunches of beans and peas earlier in the summer, and now those are pretty much dead.  Our late blooming cucumber plant is now sprouting lots of spiky, alien looking cucumbers.  And yes, those are three stalks of corn  in the  corner (ha, corn in the corner!):

DSC00747DSC00749The carrots look impressive from the outside but their still minuscule down below.  And behind them are some pathetic peppers taking their sweet time to sprout anything.  On the other end, we’ve got our out-of-control feed-me-Seymour zucchini plant, and now four towering tomatoes:


Also another cucumber plant trying its best to crawl away from the crazy zucchini and in the meantime growing some curly cukes (ha, curly cukes!):


We did make a salad with some of the lettuce, and it was fine but not very flavorful.

DSC00744And of course I made zucchini bread, which looks gross when you’re making it but tasted delicious:

DSC00742DSC00743I’ll admit that it’s gratifying to watch these things grow and go into the yard and pick something and then eat it right away, especially knowing we paid about $15 for the seeds for all these plants.  But it’s also been surprisingly frustrating because we’ve only been able to harvest one thing at a time for the most part.  First the peas and beans were ready.  Then the cucumbers.  Then the zucchini.  Soon it will be the tomatoes.  Then maybe the carrots.  But not once have we been able to just make a nice salad with all our lovely vegetables in it.  Is that too much to ask?  Sheesh.  Next year I think we’re going to, first of all plant fewer seeds, and start them inside in trays earlier so we can be eating them sooner and maybe all at once.  Plus, the darn celery never did a thing, and that was one I really wanted to grow since I use it in chicken salad pretty much every week!  If someone could just figure out how to grow bacon in a home garden so I could have all the ingredients for the perfect BLT at my disposal in one convenient place, I’d forgive the indiscretions of the celery.  Ira, start working on that please.