Today, I went to a movie almost solely for the air conditioning.  It is hot.  Since it was 60 degrees and rainy all of June and July, we never put in our AC unit.  Ceiling fans can only get you so far.  Yesterday I went to the beach, and did this: DSC00756As neurotic as I now am about sunscreen, I missed this one spot in reapplication and am now the idiot with the one spot of sunburn.  Worse, it was over a strap, so it’s sunburn, white strip, sunburn.  Despite that it was a perfect beach day.

But I obviously couldn’t go again today and risk coming home with some other weird pattern on my skin, so I went to the movies.  I will say that when you’re used to working and then you have some days off, by yourself, with nowhere to go and nothing in particular to do, it’s kind of hard to identify what it is you actually want to do.  Maybe I want to lay around in bed all day, but then will I regret being lazy and feel like I wasted the day?  Maybe I want to plant  new flowers in the window boxes, but then will I be hot and sweaty and miserable and curse myself for not just relaxing while I have the chance?  The options are almost paralyzing in the morning.  At some point I have to just walk out of the house with the car keys and see where I end up.

I saw Julie & Julia, which I’d been wanting to see mostly out of curiosity (and a love for Meryl Streep) since I read the book.  The real Julie Powell is pretty sarcastic and snide, and Amy Adams is just so cute.  It was a very good movie, though it had a softer tone than the book–not a bad thing.  It just cracks me up to think that this woman had a movie made about her.  Crazy.