Wedding - All 230We’d just gotten married.  What a fun day.  One of the few in my life when I was completely present, not thinking about anything but what was happening right then, and I remember it vividly.  We went back to this spot for a picnic; it was nice to be there again as our normal selves and remember being there as our wedding selves.  This time it was not as hot and we wore bug spray.

After the wedding, we ate all but two (ie–approximately 50) of the leftover cupcakes.  I wrapped those two in three layers of plastic wrap and put them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.  Chris pulled them out a few days ago so they could defrost in the fridge.  We were very excited to eat them yesterday, and they were surprisingly close to being as delicious as they were a year ago!

But sheesh, this time of year is busy.  I don’t know how we pulled off the wedding last year.  I must not have been doing my job very well!  Ah, who cares?  It was more than worth it.