After spending these many months trying to figure out what the heck to do with myself–feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled by dependence on the 9-to-5 job and yet not having the risk-taking constitution to rid myself of said dependence–I finally–finally–had a lightbulb moment that actually continued to make sense after the moment passed.  (I have brilliant ideas all the time that it turns out, a few hours and some rational thought later, are not all that brilliant after all.)

So I’ve started a professional organizing company!  Duh, right?  One of those things that, as soon as it occurs to you, you wonder why on earth it hadn’t occurred to you before.  In all the thinking and self-evaluation I’d undertaken to try to figure out a more enjoyable way to earn a living, “organizing” and “planning” were always the two words I used most in response to questions of what I like to do and what I’m good at doing.  Rather than try to concoct something that utilizes those skills toward something else, I realized I could just utilize those skills for what they are, in and of themselves!  A breakthrough.

That I’ve actually followed through and taken the neccessary steps to make this a reality–registering my business with the city, building a website, letting people know about it, formulating a marketing plan–proves to me that this is something I want and can do.  I sometimes have issues with follow through, and I usually chalk it up to the notion that if I’m not compelled to follow through on something, it’s probably something I don’t really want to be doing anyway and should therefore not force myself.

Which brings me to this blog.  Despite repeated attempts throughout my life to “journal” I’ve never been able to maintain the habit because I find the process quite uncomfortable.  But that only makes me want to do it even more! I started this blog, let people know about it against my better judgment, tried it for a while, got busy and distracted and then could never get back on the bandwagon.  Plus I felt like it had no purpose.  But with this exciting new venture of mine I feel like I have a reason to blog now.  And I am inspired by my friend and new client (!!!) Sara and her blog,   We agreed that putting yourself out there, making yourself a little vulnerable and having the faith that the world into which you’re putting your good stuff will send you good stuff back, is a really good thing to do.  And she’s doing it so gracefully!  Surely I can follow her lead.