Aside from actually following through on my new business idea one of the more rewarding parts of what I’ve done so far in these past few weeks is build my own website.  Among my criteria for moving forward with Cool, Calm & Collected was low start up costs.  That means I’m not paying a designer.  I’d seen from a few other websites that WordPress could be used for websites as well as blogs, and since I’d become familiar with it already and it’s free  and doesn’t require knowing HTML code, I thought I’d try it.  Having no idea what I was doing, I bought a domain, bought hosting, and proceeded trying to create something that approximated a real website.  Hour upon hour of progressing a milimeter a minute and a week later I’d created something decent.  But it took so much frustration and banging my head against the keyboard.  There were even a few moments of utter despair when I thought I would never get the damn thing to work.  But I did and I’ve even managed to tweak a few things I never thought I’d figure out and–even though it’s still very very basic–I’m proud of it.  I tackled it, used my smarts, figured it out and learned something new.

I’m getting comfortable with the idea that that’s whole this whole thang is gonna go down–figuring it out as I go along and trusting that I’ll be able to.  Case in point: today I went to Ikea to get the materials for the closet I’m helping to organize.  I’d determined we needed 250 hangers, 100 skirt hangers, and 100 small bins.  As I started to pile things into the cart, I realized that all equaled a ton of stuff.  I literally had two shopping carts full of hangers!  As I tried to push them through the rest of the store to the check out aisle by myself I got the weirdest looks.  Not that I blame people.  If I saw someone trying to push two shopping carts full of hangers around Ikea I’d wonder what the heck she was doing too.  I got a lot of “Wow, you must have a lot of clothes” comments.  There was definitely a moment when I wondered if I was crazy to think I could do this–and by this I mean both the business and the hangers.  But I persevered and bought all the hangers and somehow stuffed them into the Mini.  And there they’ll sit, looking ridiculous, until I go over to Sara’s on Monday–and we better use them all!