I spent several hours today helping a client tackle her closet–purging it of stuff she no longer wears, putting what she’s keeping on nice new hangers, relocating some things and just sorting through everything.  It was hard work!  I could tell it was a challenge for her to focus on what we were doing and push through the urge to toss it aside, do something more fun–it really takes a lot of discipline to do the work required to get organized.  It’s definitely not instant gratification!  People probably wonder why, if you can recognize that an area’s disorganized, you can just deal with it and organize it yourself.  I’ve found that part of the most helpful thing I can do is just be present to hold someone to the promise of their intention to deal with their disorganization.  Just keeping someone on task and focused is half the battle!  And there are undeniable moments of being overwhelmed, to the point of wondering how the heck all this stuff can really come together–when you come across a bag of things totally unrelated to each other and that you forgot you had and don’t even know what to do with anymore, for example.  Getting organized is a process and you can’t skip steps, so you really do have to do the hard work to get the reward of a clean and organized space.  But if you plow through it and just take one thing at a time and ignore the feeling that you have to conquer everything at once, you will get there.  So, like all other things, I’m finding the same applies to starting this new business–it’s challenging and sometime overwhelming but I’m just going to take one thing at a time and enjoy the little rewards as I reach them!