I was supposed to have my first session with a client this past Sunday but she had to reschedule for the following week.  This meant I had the entire weekend with no commitments.  I was thrilled when I realized it, because even though the session was only schedule to take at most four hours Sunday morning, there was the hour or so driving each way, the making sure to go to bed early on Saturday so I wouldn’t be dragging Sunday morning, and then the recovery time once I got home from the session.  It really is exhausting work, especially as I’m trying to think quick on my feet and read between the lines of what a client is saying to me so that I can fully understand what she needs.  For that reason, even though I was looking forward to start working with this woman, and especially to being paid, I was kind of relieved to put it off another week.

There are many moments when I wonder whether I’ll ever get any real clients, whether this whole thing is real, actually.  It’s pretty easy to pretend it doesn’t exist.  And it would definitely be easier if it didn’t.  I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to figure out marketing and managing this in my free time while working.  The easy way out sometimes looks so appealing.  Until the alarm goes off on Monday morning and I remember all I have to do at work that day!

But then a random stranger who found my website will call me out of the blue and remind me–hey, you put this out there, you have to own it!  And then I have to buck up and try not to be a slacker.  Maybe once I’m being paid to do this it will be a little easier…