At, great tips for how to get started on an overwhelming project.  I ask clients to identify either the easiest project or the most annoying project to help them figure out where to get started, but I hadn’t thought about identifying the “first” project—ie, deal with whatever is the first thing you see every day—and I think it’s a great idea.

At The Art of Nonconformity, an interesting interview with someone who did what I’m (theoretically) doing—starting a business on the side very, very slowly.  She finally quit her 9-to-5 after four years!

I really like this approach for weeding out unnecessary stuff, clothes in this case—put it in a secondary storage spot and pull things back into the fold only as you wear them.  After a while, get rid of what you’ve never reached for.  Great for people who are afraid of regret after getting rid of something, or for people who don’t really pay attention to how often they actually use things!