I had my first working session with my first “real” client yesterday—it went great (I think) and she PAID me!  Can you believe it?  I was supposed to have worked with her the week before but she’d had to reschedule.  So it had been a while since I’d met her and seen her house.  I think that contributed to the slight case of nerves that kept me up tossing and turning the few hours before I needed to get up.  Maybe because I also got a new alarm clock and when I have to wake up earlier than usual I’m always afraid I’ll oversleep even though that never happens?  And I have a theory that any thoughts you have while in that half-awake state are crazy thoughts—you’re not sane and would be much better off just getting up and waking up fully so you can become sane again rather than trying to not wake up and go back to sleep, which is what I try to do but instead just lay there thinking crazy thoughts.  Anyway…

I also have to admit that I still harbor a lot of doubt when I help people tackle these projects (though hopefully not as much as they do).  Where to begin, how will we get through it all?  But I have to be in charge.  So I remind myself that I can handle it, we’ll just take it piece by piece, I know what I’m doing.  Or at the very least, I’ll figure something out!  And since I’m being totally honest, I also have a moment partway through when I think, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”  When someone is sitting across from you explaining why they’ve kept this receipt from 2007…It’s boring, it’s tedious, there are more fun ways to spend your time on a beautiful day.  But we’re almost through and the end is in sight, and being done with that crappy clean-out part is so, so nice.  Then you can really get on to the fun stuff!  Like setting up filing systems and bulletin boards and calendars!  Woohoo!

Mostly it just feels really good to help people.  And to see people grateful to have your help.  And to see the weight being lifted as they sort through everything.  Getting paid on top of that?  Awesome.