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Not only is it not freezing cold outside, but there is no precipitation falling from the sky and it actually appears the sun might be shining!  I think I might go for a walk outside instead of going to the gym.  I love walking around Jamaica Pond in the afternoon on my way home from work.  Feels like pushing an internal reset button and I arrive home relaxed and refreshed.  And since The Ice Creamsmith has reopened and Chris is back to working his standard Tuesday/Thursday night shifts there, I’ll be home all alone tonight.  This is kind of fun at first–I’m much more productive when I have to entertain myself and don’t have my husband to distract me from all the projects and chores I should be working on with Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy (yes, we really do watch both) and a real meal (as opposed to an apple with peanut butter or cereal, but go-to standards for eating by myself).  It gets old fast, though.  We are both the type of introverted, quiet people who are slow to warm up so we do much better the more time we spend together.  Plus I go to bed early so on the days he works we usually don’t see each other at all.  No biggie, though!  I actually really enjoy being by myself.  And I have a recipe for coffee toffee bars that I’m excited to make–and will try to report back on (I still have a peanut butter cup cookie recipe I’ve been meaning to get on here…).  And Chris will come home with pints of Bailey’s Irish Cream and oatmeal raisin cookie ice cream (if he knows what’s good for him)!